Prepare To Call

Making A Phone Call

When you call

When you call Rescue, we will begin by attempting to determine your exact needs. If possible, we’ll need you to relay your physical and mental medical history to us in detail, including any medications you’re currently taking. At this time we’ll also need to discuss any professional care you might have received in the past, including what that care was meant to address, who performed it, where it was performed and how long it was performed for. Finally, we will need you to catalog and explain, in as much detail as possible, the symptoms you are currently facing. This information gives us the ability to discern exactly what you might need from Rescue, including what your unique needs are and what further actions will need to be taken. However, if you’re faced with an emergency and you don’t have this information on hand or cannot confidently relay it, be sure to call Rescue regardless. We can always gather this information later. If you’re having a crisis the most important thing is to get you support as soon as possible.

What to say

When you call Rescue we’ll ask you to define your symptoms in the clearest language possible. Not only do we want to know your overall difficulties, but also how those issues are currently manifesting themselves and making their presence known. For example, if you have severe depression we’ll need to know what specific symptoms that mental state is causing. Are you crying uncontrollably, having trouble sleeping or considering self harm? Facts like these can help us determine the best way to help you, as well as the urgency of your situation. Please report any unusual behaviors or changes in mood or functionality to us in full so that we can understand exactly what you require from Rescue.

For more information, call Rescue Mental Health & Addiction Services at 419.255.9585.