When To Call

If you are going through a mental health or addiction crisis, or you know someone who is, Rescue can help.  Is it time for you to call?  The following guidelines can help you decide:

What is a mental health crisis?

We at Rescue define a mental health crisis as an issue which requires immediate attention.  If there has been a disruption in your ability to carry out productive daily activities, the kind which you were formerly able to perform regularly without much difficulty, or your ability to maintain a meaningful relationship, you’re likely combating a mental health disorder.  If left untreated, mental disorders can often lead to a crisis, wherein you may become a threat to yourself or others and as such require immediate intervention from Rescue or a similar organization. Also, if you’ve been enduring an acute depression that has lasted for two weeks or more, or if your thought patterns have become worryingly cluttered or disorganized (to the point where “normal” comprehension of the world around you is no longer possible), those scenarios could very well constitute a mental health crisis.

What are the symptoms of a mental health crisis?

Mental health crises can often be brought on by stress or other external pressures.  However, they may also simply be the result of a chemical imbalance or a long-term mental health issue which has worsened over time.  Here are a few of the warning signs that you may be headed towards a crisis:

  • Prolonged and/or frequent episodes of emotional rawness and/or crying.
  • Persistent feelings of hopelessness and/or despair.
  • Not caring of oneself, including not eating normally or causing self-harm.
  • Not caring properly for others, including children and other loved ones.
  • Impaired functioning when trying to carry out processes or activities which you once took for granted, including deviations in your sleep routine.
  • Irrational or delusional thoughts, including hallucinations.
  • Psychotic tendencies which may put you or another party at risk of harm.

When should you call?

If you have a desire or feel a need to harm yourself or another party you should call Rescue as soon as possible.  If you see a loved one acting irrationally or dangerously without logical provocation, be sure to call as well.  Also, if your mental health situation or the situation of a loved one has degraded to the point where you (or they) no longer possess basic coping or living skills, contact us quickly — we are here to help you 24/7.

Prepare to Call