Child and Adolescent Services

Program Services

Child and Adolescent Emergency Services

Emergency assessments are available for children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The parent or legal guardian is included as our highly skilled and trained professional determines the urgency of the situation, and what the best treatment alternative is for the child.  Referrals for treatment may be made to Rescue’s Child & Adolescent Crisis Stabilization Unit (CACSU), hospital, outpatient mental health care or substance abuse facility.

We also provide services for residents at the Toledo Juvenile Detention Center.  If a youth there is facing a mental health crisis or enduring the weight of a serious psychological disorder a counselor will be sent to provide support.  Clients are seen as often as needed.  Some require daily visits, while others can be treated with as few as two visits a week.  It all depends upon the client’s unique situation.  Sometimes mental health disorders in juvenile delinquents are not diagnosed.  If we examine the client and feel that they could benefit from outpatient mental health services we will make a referral to an outside agency which would be able to provide them with aid.

Child & Adolescent Crisis Stabilization Unit (CACSU)

Studio Portrait Of Five Teenage FriendsIndividuals under 18 years of age who can benefit from crisis stabilization may be admitted to the CACSU.  A residential treatment program designed as an alternative to hospital inpatient care.  The CACSU provides a safe and secure therapeutic environment for individuals who are at risk and provides short-term stabilization.  Individualized care plans are developed which includes individual & group counseling, pharmacological management, mental health assessment, psychiatric evaluation and nursing services.  The primary emphasis is on crisis stabilization which includes assessment, medication management, and providing supportive care to the child and their family.