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The staff will try to determine the exact needs of the person in crisis. If possible, it is helpful to have some information on hand before you call:                                                  

  • Medical history - physical, mental (including medications)
  • Current symptoms
  • History of professional care

If you don't have access to this information, please call Rescue anyway. We can help.

It helps to define the problem in clear terms. For example, "I can't stop crying," says more than 'I feel really bad."  Please mention any concrete behaviors you have experienced, seen or heard that caused concern. Once on the phone ~ if you are not satisfied with the initial response ~ please don't hesitate to ask to speak with a supervisor.

In its Outreach program, Rescue can conduct a psychiatric evaluation on-site, usually in a client's home environment. Afterward, Rescue makes a recommendation on how the person's mental health needs should be met. This may include a stay on Rescue's Crisis Stabilization Unit, hospitalization or a referral to a local mental health agency.

Outreach is best if a client meets one of the following criteria

  • Struggles with paranoia
  • Is unable to come to Rescue
  • Is homebound

An assessment can be performed when two conditions are met:

  • A third party (family member or friend) is available to help gain access
  • No weapons are present

Please be prepared with the following information:

  • County of Residence (must be a Lucas county resident)
  • Referral Source (Who told you to call)
  • Any insurance information (insurance is not a requirement for services)
  • Brief description of issues/needs

For more information, call Rescue at 419-255-9585 or Central Access at 419-255-3125